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20 February 2006 at 10:24

dying blissfully

Nobody wants to die of bird flu, so everyone's looking for a cure. But there isn't one, so instead hotboy's working on a way of dying happily, it's called Ra Bliss. You chant the same word over and over again - "Susquhanna" - to blot out reality. I don't do meditation, but I like the idea of transcendence through monotonous sound. I find Led Zeppelin works well.

But is it worth trying to die happy? If you've a raging fever, you're coughing blood and drowning in your own fluids, with only hours to live, are you going to feel like meditating? Would you even be able to meditate in that state?

Meanwhile, Hotboy has taken time off from his blisswork and his research on congenital disturbance to set up a money-spinning meditation web site in Edinburgh. The idea seems to be that he appears on webcam chanting "Susquhanna", and hypnotises people to send in their credit card numbers.

He kindly invited me to manage the site and make a fortune, but if I lived in Scotland I'd spend any profits on getting out of my brain, anything to blot out miserable Celtic reality.

Here on UnHeard Island, I can run around naked for 6 months of the year, drink free beer and gaze longingly at naked penguins on the beach. That's why I haven't needed Ra Bliss up to now, but once the penguins here start dropping like flies with the old H5N1, it will only be a matter of time before one of them infects me, and I'll probably start praying to Susquhanna in desperation.

Blogger Lee Ann said...

Love Led Zeppelin. The penguins are adorable.
I don't want to die such a miserable death either.
Oh, the last picture is very sad.
Stay healthy over there!  


Blogger Stone said...

I love penguins ahh so cute. i wonder if they taste like chicken. (thinking.......)  


Blogger hotboy said...

Adolf! Heil! I saw Led Zeppelin in 1970. Head banging night! Anyway, what you have to remember about ra bliss is that you've never had any. But if you could suspend breathing at any time and go into ra blissk, then it's got to be a good trick. Also, susquhanna sends you right to hell! It's susquehanna. Got to make the right noises, Adolf! Zeig! Hotboy  


Blogger robmcj said...

HB - I'm not so good on the right noises, but I can usually make the right gestures. I'm making one right now, actually.

Stone - smoked, they're like kippers. The flippers are a delicacy.

LA- thanks for the good wishes.  


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